Project Description

Client: Irvine Community Development Company
Location: Irvine, CA

PROACTIVE was responsible for the entitlement, surveying, mapping, civil engineering, and construction observation for the 248-unit communities of Capistrano, Los Altos, and Santa Rosa in the Stonegate East Development of Irvine, CA. The project consists of multiple final maps, condominium plans, control surveys, topographic surveys, and easement coordination with various agencies, including the County of Orange, Caltrans, and the United States Navy.


  • Caltrans encroachment permit
  • Traffic signal
  • Full ADA compliance for both existing and proposed
  • Three distinct products within the community
  • High density product with significant detail
  • Resolution of old County and Flood Control road and easement vacation for Sand Canyon Avenue
  • Department of Navy coordination for construction over a Navy fuel line