Project Description

Client: Calvert Architectural Group
Location: Moreno Valley, CA

PROACTIVE is responsible for entitlement assistance, topography and boundary surveying, civil engineering and construction certification for the Sit ‘n Sleep building in Moreno Valley, CA. The project consists of an approximately 9,000 SF new building, site planning for water quality features, and ADA compliant precise grade plans. Despite the challenging one acre site and various constraints (~10 ft. slopes, existing improvements, ADA requirements and required water quality features), the proposed Sit ‘n Sleep was able to be designed with minimal building and construction cost impacts.


  • One acre site (partially developed)
  • ADA compliance for proposed improvements throughout the project including removal of existing non-compliant ADA features
  • Evaluations of multiple water quality alternatives to satisfy City/County requirements
  • Design of onsite private storm drain, private sewer, private domestic water, and residential fire water systems