Project Description

Client: City of Moreno Valley
Location: Moreno Valley, CA [Nason Street from Cactus Avenue to Fir Avenue]

PROACTIVE Engineering was the prime consultant and civil engineer/surveyor for the preliminary and final design for the 1.8-mile stretch of the Nason Street Widening project between Cactus Avenue and Fir Avenue.

As the prime consultant, surveying responsibilities included major utility undergrounding, aerial mapping, orthophotography, survey control, street cross sections, centerline stationing, project base mapping, right-of-way engineering, legal descriptions for takes and easements between the City and individual homeowners, and overall engineering design support services.


  • Significant utility undergrounding
  • Lead team of 9 sub-consultants
  • ROW acquisition
  • Signal modification
  • Environmental certification
  • ROW appraisal and acquisition