Project Description

Client: Ventura County Watershed Protection District
Location: Ventura County, CA

Q3 Consulting, a PROACTIVE company, developed recommendations and design for the repair of existing grade control structures along the Arroyo Simi Channel in Ventura County.  The channel is a regional drainage facility with a design discharge of 22,500 cubic feet per second.  The channel is a prismatic section with riprap banks and a series of grade control structures.  The existing grade control structures featured grouted riprap and sheet pile designs which have become damaged or failed over time.

Q3 prepared detailed hydraulic analyses and scour calculations for the existing conditions and the proposed new profile for grade control structures 12 through 18.  The detailed analyses included HEC-RAS hydraulic models, scour calculations, sedimentation, and drop structure evaluation and design.  A project design report was prepared to summarize the results of the analysis and develop the general configuration of the recommended drop structure design.   Q3 is preparing final design plans, specifications, and estimates for the first of the structures (GCS No. 14) to be repaired.


  • Alternative analysis
  • Drop structure design
  • Hydraulic modeling
  • General and local scour
  • Project Design report
  • Final PS&E
  • Local Agency permitting
  • Environmental coordination

Project Photos: