Project Description

Client: Richland
Location: Chino, CA

PROACTIVE is responsible for entitlement, topography, boundary survey, civil engineering and construction support for the Altitude Business Centre project in the City of Chino, California.  The project is 62 acres of industrial park, located just south of the Chino Airport, and includes 22 parcels of airport related (AR) industrial designation.  The project is entitled to 21 buildings on the industrial park.

Proactive prepared the final engineering backbone infrastructure plans and reports to support the construction of the project.  The plans consisted of street, sewer, water, recycled water, mass grading, erosion control and City of Chino’s Master Plan Storm Drain Line ‘H’ with submains and laterals.  ADA compliance standards designed to meet City of Chino requirements.  The Drainage Report reduced the outlet flows to 80% of the existing flows per the City of Chino requirements.  This was achieved by designing multiple detention basins for the project.  This also required reviewing and providing design options for the existing Chino Airport detention basins to mitigate those outlet flows as agreed to by the city and San Bernardino County.  A Water Quality Management Report was prepared for the project to mitigate and treat the site contaminants.  A Storm Water Pollution Plan (SWPPP) was prepared for issuance of the State of California Water Discharge Identification Number (WDID#).   A Caltrans Encroachment Permit for State Highway 83 (Euclid) and Kimball Avenue was prepared and processed.


  • 62-acre site
  • City Master Plan Storm Drain Line ‘H’
  • Drainage mitigation to 80% of existing flows
  • Water Quality Management Plan Report
  • Design of infrastructure sewer, water, recycled water, storm drain plans
  • ADA compliance for all proposed improvements
  • SWPPP preparation and WDID issuance
  • Encroachment Permit for the State Highway 83 (Euclid) and Kimball Avenue

Project Photos: